Why I’m Running for Alderman


As the only candidate born and raised in the 26th Ward, I’ve always been interested in elevating the community by representing the interests of the public.  My experience in the private sector has given me the ability to understand what economic development initiatives we must pursue. Additionally, my experience as an active volunteer within the community has given me the opportunity to see what social issues are of utmost importance.  The current incumbent is a career politician who has failed the 26th Ward; he has the lowest Chicago City Council committee meeting attendance record (38%) amongst all 50 Alderman for the past 7 years (2011-2017) - see Chicago City Council Report #9, pages 21-23.  We deserve better!  I’m speaking with people in our community, and I see firsthand we are ready for a new chapter in this city and our community.  I want to help in the best way I can, and hope to garner your support in the journey ahead to become your next Alderman.